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“Derrick was the light in every room, his laughter, smile and hugs were just so contagious. He was the best person to be around, bad day? Look for Derrick, good day? Look for Derrick, any opportunity for Derrick to add a chance to make someone laugh, he took advantage of it. I will forever miss being able to just see him at any time, with that big smile on his face. Love and miss you so much Derrick.”

– Jessyca Carney(Powell)

“Happy Birthday my boy. I miss you man. We hit Miami for the 1st time this past weekend. I know you would have been down and showed us around. Had a great time, but it hurts to not have you here. I love you bro. Levi is doing well. Looks like he’ll be left handed too. True baller. Ayy. Someone just received the Derrick Anthony Scott Scholarship this year too man. CWOOD is rocking with you heavy.

– Donte M. Murphy

“Thank you for helping me to get my confidence back in my own health . Thank you for your smiles every time you are around . I love you coach , I love you D , Boopa loves you so much and I can’t wait to tell her all about you when she grows up.”
– Lupita Davis

“What a day, what a time… I’m not sure if anyone else has this so I figured I’d share. Stay strong. He lives on through everyone he connected with”
– Stephen Waters

“Derrick was a sweetheart. I was always bullied in CHS and Derrick never made me feel judged, in-fact if anything he gave me advice to help with my weight. Going to his place in Woodlynne, he came to my place in Fairview. Always great vibes. Him and his brothers and Mrs. Scott lived in the same complex as me “Princess Anne” in Collingswood by the circle years ago and I remember seeing him play football with my classmates. He was two years older then me. Fly high Derrick. Your with Matt now.”
– Antonette Barnett

“To know Derrick was to love him, always smiling and cracking jokes. Always the life of the party, doing anything and everything to make you smile or laugh, as life takes us on our separate journeys, high school friends sometimes, start to split up. But whenever you seen dscott whether it was at the bar, meet ups at nates house, or even seeing him at GNC it was like we never missed a beat. That’s just the type of person he was, I’ll never forget our high school turn-ups going to shampoo every Sunday, getting out at 2am and then going to school the next day tired as F**k lmao. Fly high my guy ✊?”
– Edwin S

“He was the litty cousin always was happy to be around and to spend time with never a time that you would never see a smile on his face he was just a very happy person and I love and miss youuu??”
– Laniesha Scott

“My 8th grade game vs Delran we were a 20 point underdog , and we came out and won 58-20 to show our dominance best moment is after we won the “we all we got, we all we need” chants started from that moment on I bled ?? because of you coach. The long talks about life, you just always knew what to say. You always asked when I would come coach youth with you and we got you coach we won’t let you down. We going make sure Cwood always on top! Sincerely, Z”
– Zah Smith Zahir

“Never will be forgotten”
– D’Andrei Williams

“You were such a good guy I’m glad I met you you made everyone happy especially my sister you will be missed R.I.P”
– Angela Agogino

“I’m gonna miss you bro still remember the first day we met, we all went to the beach and had a blast. You definitely snored all the way back to home like you worked hard all day Love you bro.”
– Lamar Johnson

“Mr. Derrick is what the MD students in my class called Derrick. He was apart of our High School class for a few months last year and man did he love these kids. The first day in the class he jumped right in, started talking to the kids like he had known them for years, and asked me how he could help. When working with special needs students, you need to have a lot of heart, empathy, understanding, patience, and positivity, Derrick was never short of any of those qualities and the students all loved him. Derrick also was apart of a few of our class trips in which I got to see how much he really connected to the students. I remember quite a few times when Derrick would make everyone in the class laugh so hard we couldn’t stop. I will miss his positivity, sense of humor, and his genuine character.”
– Angelina Williams

“So sad I’m even writing a message like this. We will miss all the silly fun conversations, your contagious laugh and smile, and how we knew when you walked in that things were about to turn up. I know the guys are already saying that the syphers won’t be the same without you. I appreciate the tips when I was acting like I was gonna be a regular at the gym ha. To say you will be missed is an understatement. It’s too bad passing away is when you would have learned and seen how many people love you.
(Looking all GQ in the pic lol)”

“I first met Derrick when he came to work at IHOP years ago. I immediately knew he would be a great friend. He was so outgoing, friendly, and HILARIOUS. Always made everyone laugh constantly. We grew close and started hanging out outside of work. Just his presence made everything way more fun! He will always be remembered by the amazing, loving guy that he was.
Love you Plies, I’ll miss you ❤❤”
– Briana Speare

“When Derrick would come to my house he always showed up on the days I made buffalo wings. I didn’t catch on at first. After the third time, he slipped and asked , What time are the buffalo wings going to be ready. I knew then he and Matt had been plotting along I think they were in 7th 0r 8th grade. Derrick was always funny, polite, and respected his elders. My memory of you was always a fun-loving guy.”
– Glenda Freeman

“My best friend ❤ Thank you for always being in my life since we were kids. Thank you for always having my back and lifting me up especially when I needed it the most. You were a brother to me and I am so sad our time was cut short but we will meet again .&. I can’t not wait to see that huge smile and hear “HEY E!!”
Rest in paradise plies?
Until we meet again ❤❤❤”
– Erica Poniatowski

“International D, I love you Cuh.. we been thru it all.. we got beatings together, lived together, cried together, and hopefully I’ll see you soon”
– Maurice Junius

“Derrick funniest person I ever came across…I would talk about you randomly….you will be missed. Thank you for all the laughs and amazing memories. You will live in my heart forever my friend.”
– Amanda Rivera


“I met Derrick at La fitness Mt laurel like 2012 and I was depressed and was in the basketball court by myself just… missing every basket. He walked right up to me and taught me how to aim right and said U GOT THIS. Then he was fired for being too kind and caring of a person he should have never been in sales he’s too genuine. So then I apply to work for planet fitness Cinnaminson and who’s there as the boss man but Derrick and my whole interview we talked about being positive and how one boss at LA fitness reminded us of squidward irl and how life is too great to take for granted. Great ass listener. Dude even listened to me practice my wedding vows (which was a rap) before I got married and he said AYYYY TALK TO EM! the whole time and again he told me U GOT THIS! Also HE NEVER STOPPED DANCING he had infinite shoulder shuffle moves like he was always in the end zone.”
– Anonymous